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GENERAL INFO:  In the “Galleries” section you will find various types of photos from landscapes to portrait to more fine art type renditions.  All of these are available for direct purchase.  Just choose what you like, click the “Buy” tab and you’re on your way.  Mpix, a professional photography service, handles your photos and they will be mailed directly to you. If you would like me to give a particular photo a different look, say black and white, or sepia, then contact me directly and we can arrange that.

GALLEY CD: All images in a gallery are available on CD for $225. These images have all been edited individually and are of finished, full resolution quality.

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: You can pick a single image and download the full resolution digital file.  This is perfect for those on a tight budget and for relatives that live far away and my only want 1 or 2 images, but may want to make multiple copies of it or use it as a screen saver.  You can email it or print it off your own printer-forever.  This is also a perfect option for scrapbooking.  The cost for this is $40 per picture selected.