I first became interested in photography when I was in high school.  We had Wood Shop, Metal Shop and several other elective study options and one of the ones I chose was Photography.  That was back in the days of film and we would develop and print our own pictures in the dark room.  I became fascinated.  However, photography was put on the back burner during my college and professional education.  Career and family came next and the majority of pictures I did take over the ensuing years were the “we where here” and typical “family-group” photos. However, the itch to do more with photography remained under my skin.  I finally decided to scratch that itch several years ago and became determined to make photography a more serious hobby.  As I have done my whole academic and professional life, I approached photography as any subject I studied in college or as any ongoing continuing education I do daily in my profession.  I started educating myself in the science and art of taking pictures through weekend courses, online tutorials and photography blogs, various photography books and photography workshops under the tutelage of seasoned professional photographers.

Now I cannot go anywhere without analyzing what I am seeing moment to moment, no matter where, and framing a photo shot in my mind!  I had several of my photos enlarged and hung in my office and I began to have people ask if they could get a copy of one or more of them for themselves.  I have also been asked by several people to take some pictures of them or their families. This planted the seed in my mind to take my photography hobby to a higher level.  And so this has led me to create this website and offer anyone the ability to obtain a photo if they so choose.

I truly hope you enjoy viewing my captured moments in time as much as I have enjoyed taking them and my photographic journey through the natural beauty of the world we live in and the beauty that is within each of us. If you are captured by a photo and choose to purchase it, then I am both humbled and honored.  I hope to continue to grow and develop my skills in this exciting new chapter in my life.